For a while there, it seemed like bringing out your own Limited Edition Mustang was becoming a national sport. OK, the car is mod-friendly and there are a lot of aftermarket components to work with in getting something special together. The online auction site, CharityBuzz, has a Lee Iaocooa Mustang on the block – number 19 out of the 45 copies that were built.

The winner not only gets the car, but also will have lunch with The Man himself. For anyone that loves Mustang history, there could be few perks better than this. The car itself is a departure from the more conventional “tuner” Mustangs. With assistance from the highly-skilled and appreciated Gaffoglio Family MetalCrafters, this Mustang carries a look like no other. Front and rear treatments have been redesigned by Iacocca, in conjunction with designer Michael Leone.

The car sports subtle but distinctive lines. Like to Iacocca himself, this Mustang is a mover and a shaker. Performance was not forgotten, in any of its facets. A Ford Racing suspension and Brembo brakes look after road manners and custom 20-inch wheels add to the overall style. You cannot order another Iacocca Mustang, so this is the next closest thing. When new, the cars were selling at just under $90K, and the current bidding is at $80K.

You do have some time to gather your finances. The auction will run until February 23. Check it out at the auction site.