Recently, we posted a story of a Shelby GT500 Tribute car where the owner had stated that cutting up an original car would not have been very popular with enthusiasts and purists alike. We agree with him, and so he did the right thing and he found a 1967 Mustang Fastback as a donor car for his project, and he began his six and-a-half year build.

You gotta love the power "plant" in this car.

About 25 years ago, however, there was a real 1967 Shelby GT500 in Georgia that was destined to become a lawn ornament instead of a restoration. A reader who sent some pictures into says that he remember the car when he was a kid and saw it with his dad.

The story goes, the car was sent to Shelby Motorsports and later sent back to Ford to get a 1968 front end installed to help promote the new model coming out. Inside the car, there’s a 427 side-oiler and a new crankshaft still in the box. It seems the car was raced at some point in it’s earlier life, and then it was parked in the 1980’s where it has been sitting since then.

Currently, there are a bunch of factory parts in their original boxes. The only problem is that those boxes of parts sat in the car, which sat on the lawn for the past couple of decades, giving the parts the same fate as the rest of the car and it’s hard to tell if any of it is salvageable.

But then again, we have seen cars in worse shape brought back to life, so it’s always possible. This is one out-of-the-barn find that we wish had been inside a comfy barn instead. Hopefully the owner is willing to part with it, and isn’t a tree hugger who feels it’s better to cut the car instead of the tree to separate them from each other.