In 2005 Ford gave the world a new breed of Mustang, the S197 model. With more retro looks but modern handling and equipment, the S197 really came into its own when the 412 horsepower 5.0 engine became standard on the GT model. But whether you have a Coyote or smaller 4.6 mod motor, one area the Mustang has always needed an extra edge has been in stopping power.

Luckily Baer Brakes offers a wide variety of aftermarket stopping solutions for your S197 Mustang. For these modern Mustangs, Baer offers three different brake kits depending on how much stopping power you need:

Extreme and Extreme +
SS4+ (Front)

Baer does offer cutout templates to confirm they fit on your wheel choice before purchasing. The Extreme+ requires about an additional 1/2-inch of clearance when compared to the Pro+

The Pro+ brakes offer a smaller six-piston caliper with a 13 or 14-inch rotor. The Pro+ brake kits offer aggressive track performance at a value price. Looking for something a bit more serious? Check out the Extreme+ kits for S197 Mustangs, which feature a 14-inch rotor and a MonoBloc six-piston caliper design. These are suitable for just about every track event and condition, though the Extreme Plus will not fit a stock 18” Mustang wheel, so keep that in mind.

Finally, for those looking to shed some weight, there is the EradiSpeed+. These rotors can shed between 6 and 10 pounds per front rotor, and 3 to 6 pounds at the rear rotors, for up to 32 pounds of weight savings! Any real racer will tell you that saving weight saves time, and on the track time is the enemy. For those of you with a Ford 9-inch or 9-inch ends on your S197, Baer makes a wide range of drag racing and smaller brake packages as well.

So if your S197 Mustang could use a big brake upgrade, make sure to check out Baer Brakes. We know we did, and we’re going to be adding a set of Extreme+ brakes to the front of our own 2011 Mustang GT project car, and a set of Pro+ for the rear brakes. That’s called putting your money where your mouth is.