There are some people out there that never figured the action sport of Drifting would survive more than a couple of years in America. That thinking has certainly been proven short-sighted and, now, the sport may be migating further, in this case to Saudi Arabia.

In fact, motorsport mania has been gripping the Middle East ever more tightly over the past six years or so. From Top Fuel dragsters in Abu Dhabi to Super Stocking in Kuwait, organized competition is making inroads there. So, when Ford Middle East asked Vaughan GIttin Jr. to demonstrate professional drifting, he probably didn’t have to think about it for long.

Heading to Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gittin Jr. would be doing his demonstration at the Al Reem Circuit and staying a few extra days to film the video below. He would come away mightily impressed with his reception there.

“Once I arrived I was completely blown away by the love of motorsports, and even more specifically, the love for drifting by the locals. Everyone I met, from Princes, to other professional drivers, to swarms of fans, treated me with amazing hospitality and kindness.”

After one of the filming days, Gittin Jr. held a spontaneous drifting-day with local enthusiasts that had shown up to watch the shoot. “I was teaching them how to drift, change tires, different driving techniques, and they were so pumped up,” he said about that day.

It certainly sounds like we have a spare Ambassador to that Middle East country. Check out their video below, titled Drifting in the K.S.A. Aside from Gittin Jr’s amazing demo, including a little barrier management, you’ll also enjoy some top flight video work.