Tuning fuel injected engines has typically been considered one of the “black arts” of automotive performance. A select few individuals seem to be the keepers of all tuning knowledge, leaving the rest of us to pay them to work their spells on our own cars. Or, if you are one of the brave, you might venture out to teach yourself to tune – armed only with a laptop and whatever dubious advice you can gather from internet forums.

Luckily, for Ford enthusiasts this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. SCT Performance has partnered with The Tuning School to provide an introductory “Learn at Home” training course on tuning Ford vehicles using SCT’s Advantage III Software. The course will allow you to learn how to tune like a pro at your own pace, in the comfort of your own garage. The course educates you the basics of EFI systems, how to properly modify fuel and spark tables, and what tables need to be modified for each vehicle’s specific needs (including forced induction). Included with the cost of the program you will also get one free year of SCT’s Advantage III Software, a full color 190 page tuning manual, and a CD ROM with tuning files and videos to explain more complex tables.

So stop risking your engine, your money, and your dignity to bad tuning. Learn to tune your engine like a pro, with the pros at SCT and The Tuning School!