These guys can't leave anything alone, for long...

Building a 10-second 2011 Mustang GT got a lot easier with the 5.0-liter engine and American Muscle proved that recently. The well-known Mustang parts supplier took their automatic 2011 Mustang GT to the track with the addition of a Ford Racing Boss Intake Manifold and 150 shot of NX nitrous. The result was a best run of 10.43 @ 130 MPH and an all-motor run at 11.64.

While the car currently retains the stock transmission and torque converter, as well as the factory exhaust manifolds, chassis and engine mods have been done. The car’s 4.10 rear gears, combined with Mickey Thompson skinnies and slicks with RaceStar Industries’ wheels at responsible for the 1.49 second short time.

Under the hood, you’ll find a JLT Cold Air Intake, L&M 82mm throttle body, Magnaflow off-road X-Pipe and 3-inch competition cat-back exhaust system. The most recent additions to shatter the 10-second milestone included a Ford Racing Boss 302 intake manifold, Nitrous Express 150-Shot kit and Bama 93 NITROUS Race Tune. The giggle gas pushed the car up to 521 rwhp and 495 rwtq. The transmission is next on the upgrade list, particularly with a higher stall torque converter. The enthusiasts at American Muscle feel that breaking into the nines is quite possible. We’ll see soon enough.