If you are a forum rat like me, you have probably seen all the threads where people are doing their own supercharger installs. I’ve never really trusted myself to do something as involved as installing a twin-screw or other supercharger that requires you to remove the intake and half the engine for the install. I have always thought that the install on a centrifugal blower like a Vortech would be much easier, and it is.

The gang at JMS Chip & Performance took a customer’s 2011 Mustang GT with 3.55 gears and a 6-speed transmission and strapped an additional 211 RWHP to the car in only eight hours. This was the intercooled kit too so that time includes the install of the intercooler behind the bumper. You have to take that time with a grain of salt though if you are a first timer to installs of this caliber. These guys have probably done several of these installs so they know what to expect, and it took us about 10 hours to install ours.

The car dynoed at 389 RWHP when it first hit the rollers before the blower install and after the car had a pinch more than 600 RWHP. Check out the video to see the install condensed to about 5 minutes and 30 seconds.