Today the Mustang celebrates its 48th birthday. That is 48 years of performance, style, and personal modifications that have helped to make the Mustang one of the most recognizable cars in the history of the world. But as we all know, not everybody has the best skills, ideas, or taste when it comes to modifying a car like the Mustang.

That is why we have vehicles like this poor conglomeration of different eras of Mustangs, found by the crazed posters over at VW Vortex.

Let’s analyze this Mustang as unbiasedly as possible. It is clear that the “donor” car was a 1999-2004 “New Edge” Mustang. Whether or not it is a GT model we can’t tell, because the entire front fascia has been removed in favor of the unmistakable snout of a classic Shelby Cobra. From hood scoop to round headlights to trout-mouth grille, it is obvious that the builder of this car wanted that classic Shelby look up front. Apparently this guy took the whole “Mustang Cobra” model to a whole new level.

If that was all there was to this car, we might be inclined to leave well-enough alone. But for whatever inexplicable reason, there is a Steeda banner on this Mustang’s windshield. For those keeping track, this is a 1999+ Mustang, with a 60’s Shelby nose, with a Steeda banner. Baffling, mind-boggling, so on and so forth.

But whatever. To each their own, as the saying goes, and one thing is for sure, there isn’t another Mustang on the planet like this…