Different cultures have different traditions when it comes to sending their loved ones to the afterlife. Some cultures quietly reflect for hours or days at a time; others drink and laugh and remember the good memories. As of late, funerals seem to have taken a more custom approach, with people preferring to add a little flair with unique caskets or displays.

But for the Ford Mustang enthusiast, there is really only one way to be brought to your final resting place, and that’s a Mustang hearse. We came across a few pictures of a Mustang hearse that appears to call Mexico City home, but no other info. Which is a shame, and a bit of a shock, as you’d think a Mustang hearse would be in high demand in a little country called the U.S.A.

Instead, this Mustang has been caught out and about in Mexico City, and near as we can tell, it was a convertible GT that was stretched into a hearse. The body lines remind us a lot of a Dodge Magnum; you decide whether that is a good thing or not.

There looks to be a good four feet or more added to this Mustang to help it accommodate a casket. For the true pony car fan though, we can hardly think of a more appropriate final ride. While Lincolns and Cadillacs have often been casket carriers, this Mustang is really something different, without going over-the-top. We hope a goodbye burnout comes built into the rental price.