We’ve all seen the supercharger dynos for roots and screw-type units utilized by supercharger manufacturers and, even more recently, by professional drag racing teams, but testing systems design for centrifugal superchargers aren’t as commonly publicized.

Well, the crew out at ProCharger recently shared the details and inner workings of their supercharger test lab, which is in fact the largest and most capable such lab in the industry. This aerodynamics test lab at the ATI facility in Kansas features state of the art equipment with three separate supercharger test cells, helping ensure that their superchargers are the best in the industry.

With this unit, ProCharger engineers can simultaneously perform aerodynamic efficiency testing, gear case testing (for durability, noise, and mechanical efficiency), along with long-term performance testing.

ProCharger engineers have used this test cell to develop many of their recent designs, including the highly efficient F-3A-121 and the mega-power F-4 ProCharger. And each and every day, future ProCharger designs are tested for efficiency and durability in this lab. In addition to this impressive supercharger test lab, ProCharger also utilizes a in-ground Mustang chassis dyno and a 2,000 horsepower in-house engine dyno for high horsepower engine testing.

Visit the ProCharger blog read more about this incredible supercharger testing lab, and be sure to visit procharger.com to learn more about all of their industry renowned supercharger systems.