At the L.A. Auto Show Ford threw off the covers of the 2013 redesign of the Mustang. With a more aggressive look, new taillights, and lots of new technology, it was cause for excitement among the Mustang community. However, with the buzz dying down, now more than ever, Mustang enthusiasts are looking forward to the 50th anniversary redesign for the 2015 model year. Just what does Ford have in store? They aren’t letting on, though there are plenty of concept sketches out there done by independent artists that may be close to the mark.

Popular Hot Rodding put together a bunch of images by artist Sean Smith regarding just what the next generation Mustang will look like. Which one is your favorite?

The 2015 Mustang is likely going to be a much different beast from today’s Mustang. The 5.0 engine will stick around, though a hybrid option might also be offered, and EcoBoost engines are all but certain to be on the table as well. Throw in an independent rear suspension, less weight, and a 21st century look that does away with the retro fad and you’ll have some modern American muscle.

But what will it look like? The design will have to have a much broader appeal than the current Mustang, as Ford will market the next-gen pony car the world over. In addition, Ford needs to appeal to youth buyers with the Mustang again. It won’t be easy, but Ford’s been on a roll lately, and they know they have to get this next Mustang right. Otherwise, it could be the last Mustang.