When it was introduced in the 1950’s, the Ford Thunderbird was a compact roadster with European ambitions. But by the late 1960’s, the Thunderbird had morphed into something of a Thunderboat. In between those years it served as Ford’s go-to large car, and many hundreds of thousands were sold. And while many of these old Thunderbirds have maintained their factory look, some owners got a bit more…creative.

Hemmings Autoblog came across this creative, one-of-a-kind 1962 Ford Thunderbird that has had the rear end of an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser grafted onto the back half. The result is a T-bird station wagon with some gorgeous 360 degree views.

Make no mistake, this is no hatchet job; this looks like it rolled out of the factory this way. And while the Ford Thunderbird is well known as a large sports coupe, the Olds Vista Cruiser is better remembered as a family sedan with some unique-at-the-time roof work. The conversion alone is estimated to have taken 400+ hours of labor, and the 390 engine has also been upgraded with a 428 camshaft and crank.

It is cars like this that rekindle our love for forgotten classics like the Thunderbird. Sure, it won’t win any Concours events, but it will get a lot of looks, and a lot of love, at both local and national car shows. It shows spirit, ingenuity, and a creative look at a hobby that all too often seems like a game of “Me too!” What other classic American cars do you think deserve the station wagon treatment?