Pictures: Jeff Foster

When Ford brought the 5.0 moniker back for its new V8 engine, the Blue Oval knew it would be tugging at the heartstrings of a whole generation of Mustang lovers. The “five-point-oh” engine is famous for its potency and affordability, and Ford has made sure that anybody who wants to drop this modern 5.0 V8 into their 80’s Mustang has all the tools they need.

Jeff Foster is one of these Mustang fans, and he has even created a website,, to showcase his build for his (you guessed it) 1993 Ford Mustang coupe.

According to Jeff’s website, he bought the site domain just to have the email address, referring to the ‘93 Mustang GT he bought from the original owner in 2003. He sold the car in 2005, then bought it back in pieces after a restoration-gone-awry by the new owner. He sold off some parts that came with the car, including a 331 cubic-inch Dart-based engine, and instead set upon the path of dropping in a 5.0 liter Coyote engine.

Of course as you can see, there is so much more to this car than that. The body has been painted a flawless silver, including the engine bay, and a 5-lug conversion means a lot more wheel options. Then there is the engine itself, which has been fitted and now runs. Doesn’t it look just perfect in there?

Jeff has promised that once the project is done he’ll hit us up with even more details. For now though you can keep up with progress on his project over at