2009 Ford Focus RSFor the first time ever, the Ford Mustang will be offered for sale all over the globe, including in Europe. But it’s not like Europeans forewent performance cars because of a lack of Mustang. Instead, Ford of Europe’s engineers devised the Focus RS, which in its ultimate iteration delivered a Mustang-rivaling 345 horsepower.

A new generation of the Focus RS is in development by Ford, and while it has reportedly been delayed, Digital Trends reports that a new Focus RS break cover soon…and it may be coming to America.

focus-rs-2Until now the Focus line has been topped by the 252 horsepower Focus ST, which is plenty powerful, but a far-off rival to Ford’s own Mustang. With the 2015 Mustang getting a 300+ horsepower EcoBoost engine, the gap between the vehicles shrinks a lot more and the Focus RS could close it completely.

A new Focus RS could have as much as 330 horsepower, and while that may be less than the last Focus RS, it’s still plenty to punch around in. The Focus RS will remain a powerful, but likely cheaper alternative to the Mustang, which will also be sold side-by-side in Europe with the Mustang. And if Europe gets both the Mustang and Focus RS, why not America too?