In late March at the Victoria Regional Airport in Victoria, Texas, the big news that rocked the standing-mile world was the insane 293-mph Ford GT run at The Texas Mile. However, we can’t let that overshadow the fact that the Jordan Weir piloted his 2015 Mustang to over 245 mph and he had to get out of the throttle when the windshield came unglued, so there was definitely more in it.

This is the fastest 2015 Mustang around. Driven and owned by Jordan Weir, of Weir Racing, it ran 245.1 mph at The Texas Mile last weekend and it has thepotential to run even faster. “The car was perfectly stable at high speed,” Jordan said. “It felt better at 230 mph than our GT500 at 180 mph.”

We built the car with the intention of it being a well-balanced, streetable racecar. — Jordan Weir, Weir Racing

Dubbed Nemesis, Jordan’s Mustang is a unique fusion of drag racing tech, GT500 power, and the vaunted S550 chassis. The result is a modern Mustang that is pushing 2,000 horsepower and can run record-setting times in standing-mile and half-mile events.

Creating The Combo

To create this potent pony, Jordan turned to Chad Epperson, Willie Taylor, and the team at London Chassis Dyno in London, Kentucky, for a combination that could conquer the quarter, half and full mile.

“Being primarily a drag car builder, I wanted to do something safe. Mile events and half-mile events are usually very fast and very open when it comes to safety,” Chad said. “So I asked around and the mile techs were cool with accepting NHRA/SFI specs. I felt the safest thing to do was build a NHRA-certified, 25.3 chassis.”

No need to scratch your head. That is not a Coyote under the hood of Jordan’s S550. Instead, Jordan and Chad from London Chassis Dyno opted for a tried and true Trinity 5.8-liter engine built by Bischoff Engine Service and boosted by two 76mm Borg-Warner turbos.

Chad set up that chassis as he would with a typical 9-second Mustang drag car, but in this case, he opted to retain an IRS out back.

“We decided to keep the independent rear suspension for the ability to dial in stability,” Chad said. “The rear center section is a custom Strange 9-inch from Jack McCane. It is fortified with all the stuff UPR has to offer and G-Force supplied the axles and center housing. The front suspension is all BMR for a 2010 GT500. We made custom caster/camber plates to make it all work. We also have off-the-shelf QA1 struts and shocks.”