The last-gen Fiesta ST is almost universally lauded for its remarkable blend of driving dynamics and affordability. It really is a performance value that gets those on a budget into a Ford Performance machine. However, if we have one complaint about the outgoing ST, it’s the interior. You can tell Ford was working with an entry-level car.

That is about to change with the introduction of the next-gen Fiesta ST. It not only sports a freshened interior and a spunky, 197-horsepower three-cylinder engine, but it also, thankfully, features a redesigned interior. A recent video from Ford details some of thecare and thought put into this cabin by Fiesta designers Jens Sieber and Sonja Vandenberk.

Earlier this month, Ford revealed a next-gen Fiesta ST with a fresh face and a new powertrain. It also features a new, upmarket interior. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

Designing the interior of the next-generation Fiesta ST was not an evolution of design, but more of a revolution. — Jens Sieber, Ford

We haven’t seen one in person yet, but the imagery of the forthcoming Fiesta ST interior definitely shows a commitment to better materials and ergonomic design. We love the higher placement of the touchscreen interface on the center stack, for example.

With better design and improved ergonomics, the new Fiesta ST interior appears more befitting of the ST moniker.

“The next-generation Fiesta is much more premium. The quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, and the technology are designed with a bespoke character,” Sonja said. “We set out to create not only a new interior, but a new personality.”

We certainly look forward to getting behind the wheel to see if that personality is more befitting of the ST badge, but there’s no word yet when the new Fiesta performer will hit North America.

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