For the past decade the Shelby GT500 has been a cornerstone of the Mustang lineup, delivering 500, then 550, and now a whopping 662 horsepower through a supercharged V8 in an affordable and fun-to-drive package. Word on the street is that the Shelby GT500 could be shelved for the next-generation Mustang though, with a more track-focused GT350 model.

This could be the last new GT500 for awhile, but it might not.

This could be the last new GT500 for awhile, but it might not.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the 2015 Mustang devotees of from coming up with renderings of just what a next-gen GT500 might look like. With a clearer picture of what the 2015 Mustang will look like, we can now start to mull over how the next Mustang supercar will shape up as well.

Based on spy shots from a Ford test track and the streets of Michigan and Arizona, the 2015 Ford Mustang seems to retain much of the same side-profile as the current S197 platform, but is rumored to be shorter as well as lighter than the current crop of pony cars. We also know that the 2015 Mustang will get an Evos-inspired front end, something we got a glimpse of just a few weeks ago. JC Design came through with an especially attractive look at what the 2015 GT500 could look like.

Simplicity is the key to JC Design’s GT500. The only major modifications is a subtle “power bulge” hood, LED headlights, and double black stripes racing from the 2015 GT500’s wide mouthed front fascia. all the way back. Ultimately the Mustang must evolve, while remaining recognizable, a tall and unenviable task for any designer. Yet if Ford hits it out of the park, the 2015 Mustang stands to rewrite the book on American performance cars once again. Keep your fingers crossed.