Image Source: Bernal Auto Style

There has been almost endless speculation as to what the next-generation 2015 Ford Mustang will look like. Most experts and automotive journalists agree that the next Mustang will most likely look a lot like the Ford Evos concept, with its strong-but-smooth lines and kinetic design language. It is a sharp-looking concept, no doubt, but is it really the look of the next Mustang?

One designer is already looking beyond the next Mustang though, and to the inevitable influx of variants. Mustangs Daily has this concept of a 2015 Saleen Mustang by Matt Bernal of Bernal Auto Style, and if you ask us he nailed not just the 2015 Mustang, but the whole Saleen aesthetic as well.

Saleen has always tried to differentiate itself from the pack with an aggressive front fascia, a lowered suspension, and big wheels. There is no doubt that Bernal borrows heavily from the design aesthetics of the Ford Evos concept, but he gives it his own tweaks. For example the rear-quarter window is definitely borrowed from the S197 Mustang, and the front fascia has a much wider opening reminiscent of the current Shelby. Notice also the signature Saleen double air inlets at the corner of the front fascia, a hallmark of the company’s styling for decades. The vehicle number decal beneath the driver’s front headlight is also a long-standing Saleen feature also present in this rendering.

For some reason, we can’t help but be reminded of the SN95 Mustangs of 1994-1998, especially the headlights and low-to-the-ground look. To be honest, we wouldn’t mind if this turned out to look a lot like the 2015 Mustang, because as futuristic as it looks, there are definitely some nods to Mustang’s from the past few years.

We dig it, what about you?