By now we all know what the 2015 Mustang will look like on the inside and outside. We know many details about the powertrain as well, although Ford has yet to release final dyno or performance figures for the cars. The aching question on many enthusiasts minds has been when will the Mustang hit dealer showrooms.

Those questions seem to have been answered in a recent bulletin from Ford. recently released to us the important contents of this bulletin which detail the end of 2014 Mustang production and the beginning of the S550 era.

According to the info from Mustang6g, Ford will start taking orders from dealers for 2015 Mustangs late this spring on May 13. Jumping forward almost 30 days later, scheduling for the builds will begin on June 12, this allows for planning for the production of the cars that have been ordered per dealer allocations. On June 20 the final S197 Mustang, a 2014 model will roll off the assembly line. From that time for almost two months the plant will be retooled and tested for the 2015 Mustang build. Then on August 11, almost three months after Ford started taking orders Job 1 will occur, this is the first build of 2015 Mustangs on the assembly line.

The first Mustangs will probably start hitting some dealer showrooms early in the fall, we would estimate late September to early October. This all depends on any build issues that arise with production, or quality issues that need to be addressed that may show up on the early production cars.

Then there’s allocation and what that means. Each Ford dealer is allocated a specific number of Mustangs based on previous year’s sales. That means that they can only place so many orders for the cars. Allocation also means that it may take months for you to get a car. This is because the allocation system is designed to spread inventory out across the model year. So for example if a dealer is allocated 20 Mustangs for the year, they may only get five every quarter or even 10 every six months.

If you want to be one of the first to get a 2015, we suggest you get to a dealer on May 13, because this car will be a hot commodity.