2015-Ford-Mustang-Launch-ControlRonald Reagan once called for “trickle down” economics, with the idea that as the wealthy do well, the goods they enjoy at great expense will “trickle down” into everyday life as these goods become more affordable. For car buyers, this means that yesterday’s expensive top-of-the-line option package is tomorrow’s standard feature.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is a perfect example of this, as it will be the first Mustang to come with both the Track Apps and Launch Control systems standard on GT and EcoBoost models, reports AutoWeek. Welcome to the future of Mustang driving.

track-appsPreviously, Track Apps was only available with the Premium Package, with the on-board applications allowing you to see quarter-mile times and lateral G’s as you race around the track. Launch Control, a feature once reserved for the Shelby GT500, will also come standard on GT and EcoBoost models, providing some computer-controlled assistance at the drag strip.

It’s another effort to make the 2015 Mustang more driver centric, as well as integrate it better into everyday life. New features connect and give you access to apps on your phone, while special offers from local vendors will be featured on an app called Roximity. These high-tech features will make driving your new Mustang a much more modern experience all the way around.