While we all now know what the 2015 Mustang will look like, the big question remaining on everyone’s mind is what is the new performance model going to be like? We are getting closer to the answer, and thanks to our friends over at Mustang6g.com we’re one more piece of the puzzle closer today.

You may recall a few weeks ago we reported a dealer noticing Shelby GT350 promotional materials available for order in the ford dealer computer system. While this came as no surprise, since we’d heard that a GT350 was in the works to replace the GT500, we were surprised to see confirmation of the car this early. Consider that when the S197 debuted, it was 2007 before the Shelby version was released.

More important than the model’s designation of course is what will it feature to set it apart. Having great success already with the 2013-14 GT500 in supercharged trim, the argument could be made that Ford intends to continue down this route. There seems to be a hint of that in the form of a hood scoop, as well as what appears could be a possibly reshaped front grille for this particular Mustang. We noticed from the photos as well what appear to be side-scoops in the fenders. There are also the tell-tale quad exhaust tips on this car, something currently present on the GT500.

We can only guess at what is under the hood, we have heard rumors that the 5.8 liter Trinity engine is dead because it won’t meet the upcoming CAFE standards, and simply won’t fit the new chassis. We’ve also heard rumors of the Voodoo turbo charged Coyote engine. That engine we would estimate will be making it’s way to the 2015 Cobra Jet program, but only time will tell what Ford has in store.

To see more of these photos, head over to Mustang6g.com right now and check out the rest of the batch, tell us what you think is in this test mule in the comments below.