With SEMA 2013 in the books, we can start looking forward to the next big news item on our dossier; the inevitable reveal of the 2015 Ford Mustang. While Ford is said to be ditching the retro design in favor of something more futuristic, don’t expect every ounce of nostalgia to just melt away. Some old names will make their way onto the new Mustang, including (if rumors are to be believed) the Mach 1 moniker.

Mustang fans seem eager for a Mach 1 revival, and the enthusiasts over at Top Speed put together this awesome rendering, giving us an idea of just what such a car might look like.

2015-evos-1Thanks to a multitude of spy shots and videos, we have a pretty good idea of what the 2015 Mustang is going to look like when all is said and done. With an Evos-inspired front end that unites the Mustang design language with the rest of the Ford family and a much shorter, lighter chassis, the next Mustang promises to return to its roots while delivering a cutting edge look.

The original Mach 1 package first appeared on the 1969 Mustang, after the pony car had undergone several size and weight increases. While primarily a stripe and sticker package, the Mach 1 also added performance options, like a more-aggressive rear end gear ratio and a Shaker hood scoop.

The early-2000s revival of the moniker was much the same, adding a little bit of looks and performance, which included a naturally aspirated variant of the Cobra’s 32-valve DOHC V-8. Top Speed gave the 2015 Mustang Mach 1 a black-and-red paint scheme with a similar Shaker-style hoodscoop, a blacked-out spoiler, rocker panels, and headlights. Our hope is that a new Mach 1 would offer performance and options to truly set it apart from the GT and not just an appearance package. With the BOSS in the books, maybe it’s time for a Mach 1 revival.

If Ford does roll out a 2015 Mach 1 model, will it look anything like this ambitious rendering?