Picture: Autoblog

Not everything can be kept top secret, especially with so many people working on the same brand new project. Anticipations may be running high, and who knows, some pesky friends could be nudging you for some juicy details, or maybe some previously trashed items resurfaced. You never know.

It looks like one of the new 2014 Ford Edge photos has been leaked from some sort of Powerpoint presentation from Ford Motor Company’s corporate headquarters. While the picture here is a bit pixelated and blurry, it looks to be a photo of the brand new and next generation 2014 Edge SUV.

While still similar to prior models, it has received a few new upgrades for the new model year which includes a new grille connected to a new front clip, new headlamps, and integrated fog lights within a lower fascia.
While its last redesign was back in mid-year 2011. We have no clue what’s hiding in the interior. While that hasn’t been that long ago, it looks like it is going under the knife again. Hopefully the interior is just as slick as the exterior.

Hopefully the new Ford Edge will venture further away from its smaller sibling, the Escape. While the Escape is alright and all, the Edge has more of, well, edge to it. It’s a bit more sleek and stylish and it will be quite interesting to see what Ford has in store in the future for their edgy Edge.

Included in the gallery was this image of the 2014 full global lineup. Check it out.

2014 Ford Global Lineup