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Four and a half months after the 2013 Mustangs’ big debut at the L.A. Auto Show, the new Mustangs are slowly trickling in to local Ford dealerships around the nation. This means that the wait is finally over for those anxious enthusiasts who have placed orders for the V6 or GT models. With the new V6 already getting great mileage for the amount of horsepower they make, they’re likely to be scooped up quickly.

All photos credit: MustangsDaily

MustangsDaily stopped by Galpin Ford Dealership in Van Nuys, California, and was able to get a photo-op with the shipment of the brand new 2013 Mustangs fresh from the factory. Galpin Ford received about a dozen Mustangs with a mix of both V6 and GT models. They were able to get a few photos up close and personal of some few of these new ‘Stangs.

We’re all still anticipating the arrival of the BOSS 302 and the Shelby GT500’s. Not to worry anxious future owners, the Shelby GT500 models won’t start delivery until this summer around mid-June, while the new BOSS 302 models should be arriving shortly after the V6 and GT models. Anybody waiting on a brand new BOSS won’t be waiting too much longer, although it may seem like forever until you get your hands on those keys. Hang in there!

Shelby owners still have a bit longer to wait until they have that stock 650-HP under their right lead foot. Just three months, but if those three months are stocked full of car shows, it may seem like forever until you get to show off your factory Monster.

Colors available on the 2013 Mustangs (some model specific) are Deep Impact Blue, Gotta Have It Green, Race Red, Sterling Grey, Performance White, Red Candy, Ignot Silver, Black, and Grabber Blue.

Have you made up your mind about the new look of the 2013 Mustang?