Ask any old-timer what their favorite part about the original muscle car wars, and you’re sure to solicit a number of different answers. The roar of a big V8 is sure to be a top reason, and the power and torque and styling of Detroit Iron had no equal in the 1960’s. Another thing we loved about that era were the outlandish, wild graphics packages and colors that became almost commonplace on showroom floors.

Ford is helping bring back memories of that time with some crazy color options for its modern take on the Boss 302.  The Boss302Forums came across this picture that seems to indicate that  the 2013 Mustang will be available in “Gotta Have It Green.”

It’s important to note that there was never a “Gotta Have It Green” color option for the original Boss Mustangs made in 1969-70. The closest they ever got was “Grabber Green” which joined Grabber Blue (now available on everything BUT the new Boss Mustangs) and Grabber Orange. Actually, it is not at all unlike the “Synergy Green” paint job that GM introduced for the new Camaro last year.

So what does that mean for the next Boss Mustang? Well for one, there might be more paint options, including this green color. However, there are no obvious indicators here that this is, actually, a Boss 302 Mustang, and not just some run-of-the-mill GT or V6 model.  In fact, we’d bet money that this isn’t a green Boss 302 in this picture. So perhaps this color option will instead be available for all Mustangs come next year? We’ll have to wait and find out for Ford to give us the official word.

In the meantime, you tell us what do you think of this “Gotta Have It Green” color option?