Special cars deserve special television treatments, which is why last week SPEEDTV aired a one-hour special on the 2012 Boss Mustang. The special delved into many things regarding the Boss Mustang, such as the design process, tweaks to the engine, and what the goal of the car was, beyond making a crazy-fast Mustang. It’s an icon people! As part of the special, SPEEDTV was even let into Ford’s top-secret design studio.

That is where Mustangs Daily noticed a few interesting items hanging in the background. Among the many posters were names and colors for the 2013 Boss Mustang, as well as a more retro stripe package.


Halfway through the program, SPEEDTV walks through the Ford design studio. On a poster in the background is a clear image of the 2013 Boss 302 Mustang. It would be hard to miss as it is painted a very, very vibrant green. That color is called Grabber Green, an original Boss Mustang color only available in 1970. It will be joined by another Boss original, Grabber Blue. Race Red, Performance White, and Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat will also be available in the 2013 model.

As yet another homage to the original Boss cars, the side-stripes will be going retro as well. Gone is the C-stripe, with a side stripe slanting up the fender and on to the hood, joining the other stripe and driving down the front of the hood towards the grille. It’s all very retro and cool, and we’re digging the Grabber Green color. Will Ford let those who opt for the lowly Mustang GT in on the new colors too?