It’s now 2011, so it only makes sense that the 2011 model year is coming to a close. That means the sales numbers for the first year of the return of the new 5.0 liter V8 Mustang GT is in. There’s a plethora of options, models, and sub-models available right from Ford, never mind all the aftermarket tuning shops that have built their own versions America’s favorite pony car.

Ford put together a handy little rundown on Mustang sales through the 2011 model year, and if you’ve got a glass roof or a V6 Mustang with the Performance Package, then you my friend are the owners of some very rare Mustangs.

One statistic everybody always seems concerned about is what the most popular color was, and for 2011 over 25% of new Mustang buyers opted to purchase a Black car. The next most popular color was Kona Metallic Blue with 13% and Race Red with 12%. The least popular color? Yellow Blaze Metallic Tri-Coat, which was chosen on just .86% of Mustangs (less than one percent!)

Another rare option was the glass roof, with fewer than 5% of 2011 Mustangs equipped with a see-through roof, but almost 75% of Mustang owners opted for the SYNC technology software. Compare that to the less-than 2% of Mustang owners who got the V6 Performance Package, even though V6 Mustangs made up a bulk of Mustang sales, 37,000 versus 26,000 GT’s and just over 5,000 Shelby GT500s. Rare indeed. Mustang’s Daily has the whole .pdf file of every option broken down for easy consumption if you want to see just how rare your specific car is.