One of the things that every person that buys new 2012 Boss 302 be it the street Boss 302 or the Laguna Seca version are entitled to have a free day of training and track experience at Miller Motorsports Park. The event is called the Boss Track Attack and it is one of the things that has been on hold while the supply of the Boss 302 cars was so lean. The Track Attack team wasn’t able to get their hands on the cars to host the event.

That has now changed and the dates for the Boss Track Attack have now been offered from 2011. Almost all of the event days are already full so if you are a Boss 302 owner and want to get in this year you need to sign up. Ford points out that you have up to a year after the purchase of your vehicle to take advantage of your free track day to learn the capabilities of the Boss 302. The dates for 2011 are 08/29, 08/30, 08/31, 09/26, 09/27, 09/28, 10/10, 10/19, 10/20, 10/21, and 11/18. All of those days are full and now unavailable.

The only days that are available right now are 10/11, 10/12, 11/16, and 11/17. Each of those dates has a dinner reception the day before the track event. Owners of a Boss 302 can send someone else to drive their day or register a second driver for an additional fee. The owners do not need to bring their cars, Boss 302s are provided. To enroll the owner needs the VIN for their car, the name and location of the dealership, and the delivery date that they received their Boss 302.

“This is the first program of its kind from Ford. We’re so proud of the new Boss 302 that we wanted to offer owners the opportunity to stretch their legs – and carve corners – on one of the coolest tracks in America,” said Mickey Matus, marketing manager, Ford Racing. “The Boss 302 is such a legendary nameplate, and our latest version is such a tremendous, fun-to-drive car that we wanted to ensure this exclusive group of owners learn all they could about it, and experience its capabilities in the fun, controlled environment that Miller Motorsports Park can provide.”

The event will see the day start with owners in a classroom learning key racing information and then in the afternoon there will be lots of track time learning hands on in the vehicles with an instructor. Ford will be announcing dates for 2012 when available. Miller Motorsports Park is in Tooele, Utah.