The closer we get to the SEMA Show, the more excited we get. Besides taking place in fabulous Las Vegas, the SEMA Show means a chance to lay eyes on some of the most impressive works of automotive engineering in the world. Many designers have made their names at SEMA, and one up and comer is taking the muscle car world by storm.

His name is Neil Tjin, and he is applying his talent to the 2011 Mustang GT. This Tjin Edition Mustang is sure to stand out at SEMA.

Tjin has already cut his teeth on muscle cars, tackling the 2010 Chevy Camaro. Now, he turns his eyes to the 2011 Mustang GT, with its all-new 5.0 liter V8 engine. He will be leaving the engine in place, and stripping pretty much everything else down. The car will receive a custom bodykit and interior, as well as a new sunroof, under body glow, and dozens of other parts to help trick out the interior and exterior.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be much good if the Mustang weren’t properly motivated. A Vortech supercharger, Magnaflow exhaust, and a Nitrous Express system will all help boost the power of this already healthy engine. How much power, precisely, we won’t know until its official unveiling. Handling and stopping power will also be upgraded an Air Lift suspension and Eibach anti-roll system. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing this one in person.