Strange Engineering Launches Brake Kit For S550 Mustangs

New from Strange Engineering – upgraded brake kits for the S550 Mustang. These kits feature directional four-piston calipers, slotted lightweight rotors, billet aluminum hubs, and more. Check 'em out! Read More


John Urist Unveils New 2016 Street Outlaw Mustang With Coyote Power

John Urist has been a heads-up racing kingpin for over 15 years in a variety of boosted Mustangs, but his new ride is a work of art. His new 2016 Coyote-powered Mustang represents the cutting edge of technology. Read More


Preview: Ford Performance Power Packs For ’15+ Mustang GT

Starting August 1st of this year, Ford Performance has plans to release three 50 state legal and CARB approved Power Packs available for the '15+ Coyote powered Mustang GT. Get your fix of go-fast parts here! Read More


Hurst And Kenne Bell Collaborate On New S550 Mustang

When two aftermarket icons like Hurst and Kenne Bell get together to create a limited edition car like this S550 Mustang, you can probably expect a badass car from this legendary duo. Check out the intel on it here. Read More


AEM Introduces Flex Fuel Wideband Failsafe Gauges

New from AEM – Flex Fuel Wideband Failsafe gauges. These units come with intuitive setup software and can display boost/vacuum, ethanol content, and more. Check 'em out! Read More


EFI On The Brain: FAST Expands EFI Training Classes For 2016

The EFI specialists at FAST have assembled their in-house tuning experts for another year-long schedule of Intro to EFI courses to help any newcomer that is looking to break into the world of custom EFI tuning. Read More


Ford’s “Ole Yeller” Mustang Is A Race-Ready Airplane Homage

Ole Yeller was a famous P-51 fighter plane that performed in over 1,000 air shows, and Ford has built a Shelby-based Mustang tribute car for charity. Read More


Saleen Is Under Fire And Is Being Sued. Is This The End?

A series of events has hit Saleen Automotive Inc. hard as of lately, as the well-known Mustang tuner is being sued by two separate Ford dealerships. Regulatory filings show that it's only gotten worse from there. Read More


Redone Peterson And MacAfee Mustang Set For NMCA NA 10.5 Debut

Darrel Peterson and Brian MacAfee are set to debut their super slick Mustang in the NMCA NA 10.5 class. The car was recently redone by the fabrication wizards at Chassis Engineering to be a max effort NA 10.5 car. Read More


Event Preview: Outlaw Armageddon- The Second Coming, August 18-20!

Outlaw Armageddon- The Second Coming is set to be the next big event in No Prep racing. If you can't make it to Thunder Valley Raceway Park for this clash of titans in person, you can see it in HD at Read More


Maximum Motorsports Introduces Mustang S197 Roll Bar Mounts

Maximum Motorsports is excited to release their new roll bar mounts for the 2005-2014 Ford Mustang S197 chassis. These mounts are built to take a roll bar load and create a great base for a roll cage. Check it out! Read More


Video: The Glorious Shelby GT350 With Kooks Long Tube Headers

The Shelby GT350 comes from Ford with two exhaust modes, but throw on a pair of Kooks long tube headers and the Shelby's song gets even mightier. Read More


Race Star Wheels’ Hot Summer Nights Sale – 10% Off Through July!

Through the month of July, Race Star is offering an additional 10 percent off any existing discounts at any of their authorized dealers on their complete line of race and street performance wheels. Read More


Rebuild Tip Of The Week: Fuel Injection Tech Tips With FiTech

FiTech gives us some insider information on how to keep your fuel injection system running at the best possible levels of reliability and efficiency. This tip will help you wire a great upgrade onto your car. Read More


Why The Second-Gen Coyote Engine Trumps The First

Planning your next Coyote engine swap project? You're going to want to know the differences between the first and second generation Coyote engine, and we've got all of the details straight from Ford here. Read More

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.14.10 AMGR

Video: Ford GT In The Final Stages Of Pre-Production

If you've seen a lot of news on the all-new 2017 Ford GT lately, then you've probably figured out there's a good reason why. In today's video example from Ford, the GT enters the final stages of aerodynamic testing. Read More

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