Mr. Cobra Collection 2

Video: With Over 50 Cobras, Just Call Him Mr. Cobra

Lynn Parks is Mr. Cobra. Meet the King of Shelby Cobras, besides Carroll himself, of course. Lynn likely knows more about the Shelby Cobra than anyone else since he's been collecting them for decades and owns 50. Read More


VelociRaptor 600: The 2015 Raptor Alternative Built By Hennessey

Check out Hennessey's Raptor alternative based on the all-new 2015 F150 and featuring 600+ hp, off road tires and shocks, and even a warranty! Read More


Video: Evolution’s Vortech JT-Trim Blown 2015 Mustang Hits 900 RWHP

Evolution's built this blown 2015 GT for a customer using a Vortech V7 JT-Trim, the car is the latest 2015 Mustang to break into the 900 hp zone with the stock engine internals. We've got the scoop and video here. Read More


Stateside Arrival of Focus RS Comfirmed by Ford CEO

Ford's Furious Focus RS was introduced in Europe almost six years ago and now we finally have confirmation from top brass that it's heading to US. Keep an eye on Detroit Auto Show in January 2015 for formal debut. Read More


Ford Announces Aggressive New Global Performance Strategy

Ford is combining regional performance and racing teams into one global Ford Performance team to be responsible for more than 12 new performance vehicles through 2020, including an all-new Focus RS. Read More


Mustang Girl Monday: Samantha Garvey Goes From Camaros To Mustangs

Samantha Garvey started out on the darkside, driving a Camaro, but once she got behind the wheel of a 2004 Mach 1, her whole car perspective changed. Today she's the proud owner of a modified Terminator Cobra. Read More


Power Wheels F-150 Endures Ultimate Test of Strength

Power Wheels' F-150s face off with the full-size counterpart in the ultimate test of strength and endurance in an effort to prove they are "Built Ford Tough." Check out this epic demonstration inside! Read More


A True Challenge – The New Camaro Z/28 Vs. Mustang GT Vs. Hellcat

It's been a long time coming, but someone finally did it. The 2015 Camaro Z/28 has finally been pinned against the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat and the 2015 Mustang GT in a performance test! Check it out inside! Read More


Video: Speed Secrets with Kenny Brown Talks Brake Cooling and Ducts

Heat can ruin your day on the track in more ways than one. Kenny Brown takes a look at brake cooling ducts, and what his company does to keep the brake system cooling properly and prevent heat related issues. Read More


Mustang Hero Robert “Bob” Rewey Passes at Age 76

Credited with saving the Mustang from extinction Bob Rewey passes at the age of 76. Joining the Blue Oval family in 1963, Rewey through innovation, creative marketing and a mind for business delivered excellence. Read More


Video: Choosing A Serpentine Pulley Kit With Eddie Motorsports

When it comes to choosing a front drive system for your engine, there are a few things to consider: what block, what components, pump pressures, etc. Eddie Motorsports helps take the guesswork out with this video. Read More


Video: Two Mustangs and Three Ford Trucks Pull The Flag At Homestead

Kicking off the 2014 Ford EcoBoost NASCAR race in patriotic fashion, a pair of 2015 Ford Mustangs, along with a Super Duty Pick-Up and two F150s, escorted the American Flag around the oval. Check out the video here. Read More

Crew Video-3

Video: It’s The Crews That Keep Those Fords Winning Races

Some say all the real action is in the pits. If you're any sort of motorsports fan, be sure to check out this video from Ford that pays homage to the crews that keep the cars and trucks running fast. Read More

Eaton Detroit-3

Video: Eaton’s Detroit Locker Puts 100 Percent Power To The Ground

Ever wonder what the inside of an Eaton Detroit Locker looks like and how it works? Then check out this illustrated action video to get the "inside" story on how it can provide a car or truck with maximum traction. Read More

Convertible FRAP-thumb

’15 Mustang Convertibles Begin Shipping Just In Time For Christmas

Yes the weather outside is frightful in most parts of the USA, however, that hasn't stopped Ford form starting shipments of the 2015 Mustang Convertible today. Drop top ponies will be available in time for Santa. Read More


Video: CJ Pony Parts Installs Holley Terminator On Classic Mustang

EFI conversions used to take days searching for parts and countless hours to install. Holley's new Terminator EFI is a complete, bolt-on kit that takes all the guessing out of installation, and can be done in a day. Read More

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