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BirdDoc: The Six-Speed GT500 Record Holder And Its High Flying Pilot

What does it take to set the six-speed GT500 record? We take a look at Mark Duber's London Chassis Dyno built BES and Kenne Bell Powered GT500. This T-56 Magnum equipped beast granny shifted to an 8.80 ET at MIR.Read More


VIDEO: 2015 Ford F-150 Gets Two New Engines And More Guts

Ford Trucks shows how it's done with the 2015 F-150 powered by the all-new 2.7L V6 EcoBoost head-to-head against the competition towing up Arizona's infamous Davis Dam grade! Read More


Video: Replay XD – Small Camera Gives You Big HD Video

If you've been thinking about getting a video camera to record your track sessions, the Replay XD is one that will impress you. At about an ounce, it's one of the lightest cameras yet it packs a good punch.Read More


American Muscle Launches New Company, Japanese Muscle

American Muscle is known for supplying top notch muscle car parts, with their specialty being Mustangs. They knew that they were missing a completely different market segment with Imports, and Japanese Muscle Cars. Check out the video where they pick up 900+ rwhp from a Nissan Cube with simple bolt ons!Read More


Video: Ken Blocks Gymkhana 4 – The Hollywood Megamercial is Here!

All you need to know is that inside this post is Ken Blocks Gymkhana 4; The Hollywood Megamercial, and it is appropriately epic. Come watch it, right now.Read More


NMRA Joliet 2011 Event Videos

Missed the racing action from the NMRA/NMCA Joliet race this last weekend? Don't worry, we have a whole pile of videos inside that will make you feel like you were there! They are sorted from newest to oldestRead More


Video: Insane Homemade Chassis Dyno Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Using the rear axle from a heavy-duty truck, a pile of rocks and dirt, and a metal ramp system, these creative geniuses have built their own dyno and seem to use it on a regular basis to test and tune their drift cars. Don't try this at home, kids!Read More


Video Install of a ProCharger on a 2011 Mustang Makes 523 RWHP

You have probably already seen the article we wrote on installing a ProCharger on a 2011 Mustang. Now we are following it back up with the video. Inside it, you will find an overview of the kit, installation, dyno runs and even some fun on the roads. Read More

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Video: COMP Cams Introduces New Products to Help Engine Builders

COMP Cams has some tips and new products for engine builders. We have a video that shows these helpful tips and products here.Read More


FAST Air Fuel Meter Install and Test

We got together with the COMP family to do an install and some track testing with their new FAST Air Fuel Meter on a 1972 El Camino.Read More


COMP Cams ProPlasma Nitrating

Check out the latest and greatest from COMP Cams technology. This is a new process called ProPlasma Nitrating and Billy Godbold gives us the run down on exactly what that is.Read More