StangTV made a stop by Dave Zimmerman’s Team Z Motorsport in Flat Rock, Michigan and took a stroll through the shop to see what he was working on. Team Z is one of the top chassis shops in Mo-Town and always has some interesting projects under the hood.

When we were there, we were delighted to see some of the rides under progress – owned by none other than Team Ford Racing employees Brian Wolfe (Motorsport Director) and Jesse Kershaw (Marketing Manager). Brian had his black coupe, and Jesse had his (cough) LTD. We have to give Jesse props though – LTD’s are cool foxes. Let’s take a look:

Here is Brian Wolfe’s black Fox body Mustang. It’s super clean – with the silver cage and airbrushed graphics accenting the jet black paint. Apparently, when not heading up Ford Racing, Brian enjoys wrenching on the notch. He’s even been known to build his own engines!

Wolfe’s black LX already has some serious cage and bracing complete with a funny car cage and wheelie bars. Dave Zimmerman said his plans were to update the car with a Team Z tubular front K-member and drag front suspension package. Updates to the rear include a Team Z rear suspension with adjustable anti-roll bar and adjustable shocks.

Power to the M/T 28 x 10.5 x 15W rear tire comes from a naturally aspirated, fuel injected 427 c.i. 351-Windsor based engine. Brian got his start in Pro 5.0 racing years ago with a naturally aspirated/nitrous combo, we think its cool that he sticks to the naturally aspirated and nitrous camp in a world full of boost. We’re told that the airbrushed blue flames and “wolf” graphics were done by Brian’s wife.

It’s good to see a “grassroots racer” at the helm of Ford Racing. Over 6 months ago Brian took over as director of Ford Racing and he’s made great strides in reaching out to the sportsman racers. I’m sure we will see Brian racing this car out at Milan Dragway this summer.

Looking somewhat out of place in a shop filled with slickly painted drag mustangs sat a well worn, grocery getter Ford LTD.

Leave it to the “marketing guy” to own a brown and tan Ford LTD – none other than Jesse Kershaw of FRPP. Team Z has been directed to make it “light and tight”. The Ford LTD shares the same Fox-body platform as the 79-93 Mustang so most parts are a easy fit.

Dave has installed a tubular front K member, hidden sub-frame connectors and a host of other mods to the ultimate sleeper. Plans are to install a 3 valve 4.6L V8, six-speed Tremec transmission and set it up for performance driving as well as cruising Gratiot (a.k.a Eastsiiiiide). Here’s hoping Jesse shows up at Milan this year to make some runs in this work of art.

While we there, we also front and center was Jason Schembri’s bright yellow notchback. Jason is having the full Team Z treatment done to his car. Updates include; 6-point chromoly roll cage, through floor sub-frame connectors, tubular front K-member and tubular 4130 A-arms with Strange struts. Updates for the rear include a Team Z rear suspension with anti-roll bar and five-lug conversion with FRPP rear brakes. In addition to cruising around Livonia, Michigan (a.k.a. Westsiiiide) Schembri plans on bracket racing the car at Milan Dragway this summer.

That’s it from the Team Z shop!