IMG_1036We’ve all been there: early in the morning, heading to school or work or whatever, and as we turn the ignition, all we hear is a low electrical murmur or nothing at all; the battery is dead. Jumper cables or a battery charger are the conventional, short-term solutions, but common wisdom dictates that said battery needs to be replaced. Or does it?

IMG_1028CTEK Power, Inc., has its own answer to this problem in its extensive lineup of battery diagnostic tools, which we got to see for ourselves on Tuesday, November 5th. Ken Palmman, general manager for North America, was on hand to educate us as to what sets these tools apart from the competition.

Of the many offered for sale, Ken selected the MUS 4.3 Test & Charge. It uses a patented process to work its magic, and it’s powerful stuff. The testing comes first, as the MUS 4.3 hooks up easily and safely with its integrated spark-free technology. It runs three tests to determine voltage, cranking power, and alternator performance.

Then comes the unique eight-step charging curve, which reconditions the battery to like-new status while clearing up sulphate buildups that can weaken the battery in the future. A final phase of float/pulse maintenance provides a finishing touch to the battery’s restoration, and makes it capable of lasting a far longer life than you may think possible.

For more information, feel free to check out the company’s website as well as their Facebook page. We raised our eyebrows just a tad as we looked on at some of CTEK’s products, but 43k likes on Facebook can’t lie: these tools are way cool.