Mechanix Wear's M-Pact gloves received redesign treatment from the company's engineers.

Since starting the performance glove revolution in 1991, Mechanix Wear has designed over 100 different types of gloves for everyday mechanics, technicians, construction workers, Do-It-Yourselfers, industrial safety, emergency services, and military professionals.

This wasn’t a matter of just adding some layers of protection to the existing glove. We redesigned the M-Pact glove from scratch.
– Cory Houston

At this year’s SEMA show, Mechanix Wear highlighted the evolution of existing products in the Mechanix Wear line-up. The company took feedback from consumers, combined that with new technology and engineering to redesign some of the current favorites. The very popular M-Pact style glove is one of the products that received redesign attention to certain areas.

According to Cory Houston,”In an effort to offer full-coverage hand protection we added some features to the M-Pact line. A new rubberized grip on the thumb, index finger and palm have been added. The addition of sonic welded molded rubber on the knuckles and fingertips add to the life of the glove as well as providing hand protection for those areas.”

Additional rubberized material was added to the index finger and thumb for extra gripping.

Another area where design changes have made a direct impact on the M-Pact style gloves deal with back of the hand protection. “Our ‘Impact Guard’ EVA foam covered by rubberized material and ‘Thermal Plastic Rubber’ on the knuckles and fingers protect against impacts.”

Houston is quick to point out that the addition of impact resistant materials do not minimize the user’s ability to grip objects. “If anything, the rubberized material provides extra grip,” Houston says.

The M-Pact glove is specifically designed for use in automotive maintenance and repair, home repair, equipment operation, towing and transportation and oil and gas operations, but are at home in many other occupational fields as well. Available in Red, Blue, Black and Grey, Black and Yellow or Black and Red.

Sonic welded 'Thermal Plastic Rubber' (TPR) on the knuckles and fingers protect against impacts.

“These gloves absorb more shock and vibration while providing more hand protection than traditional counterparts. Our customers provided good feedback and we listened. This wasn’t a matter of just adding some layers of protection to the existing glove. We redesigned the M-Pact glove from scratch,” says Houston.

One of Mechanix Wear’s popular lines of hand protection has beefed up it’s impact resistance without losing grip or “feel” to the user. We can expect to see the popularity of the M-Pact line to continue gaining fans in the years to come.