V Series Now In Polished

Before if you wanted a V-series front, it only came in black. Now, Weld is offering the V Series polished as well for the spindle or lug bolt patterns

Weld Racing Wheels has been making a big push on their street tire line as of recent, but got back to their roots for their new racing wheels they released at SEMA. First up is Weld’s new Sportsman Drag Series wheel.  The cost savings comes with Weld’s welded modular construction versus the typical bolt together style found in the Pro Drag Series.  “This is a way for people to get Pro Series wheel technology for a budget price,” said Gregory Smith of Weld Wheels.

The Sportman wheels come in a double bead-loc or non bead-loc with knurled ends.  The knurling on the back end of the wheel eliminates the need for rim screws.  The bead-locs are available in a variety of color combinations – silver or black centers and black or gold bead-loc plates.

Also for you higher offset wheel guys, like F-body Camaros and S197 Mustangs, Weld now has a single bead-loc wheel for you.  Typically anything higher than a 4.5-inch back space on a 15×10 rim leaves no room for an inside bead-loc, but Weld’s 15×10 7.5-inch back spacing utilizes a single outer bead-loc along with Weld’s knurling technology on the inside of the rim to eliminate the need for an inside lock!

Weld's late model 15x10 7.5 inch back spacing bead-loc rim.