The 2011+ Mustang’s 6-speed automatic transmission is the stoutest piece Ford has ever put in a production vehicle.  Even with comparable rear gear ratios to  their manual counterpart, they are faster in the quarter mile while being able to hold over 800 rwhp with ease.  While the transmission is very stout, the converter needs to be replaced to handle the torque properly.

HDT Coating and Triple Testing
Every TCI converter features TCI’s Heat Dissipating Technology coating.  They are also tested three times – quality, leak, and balance.

TCI Automotive stepped up to the plate and released their new ‘power adder converters’ that feature a 2500 rpm stall to take advantage of the Mustang’s low end torque.  The converter features a billet clutch assembly, heat treated turbine splines and pump hub.  TCI says they have had them in Mustangs making over 850 rwhp and has seen as much as a four-five tenths increase in the quarter mile from just the converter alone!

TCI’s Streetfighter Torque Converter

• Furnace-brazed components
• Heat treated splines, sprag races, and hub
• Engineered to maximize the potential of aftermarket cams, nitrous, and forced induction
• Billet front and clutch assembly
• Proprietary HDT coating reduces operating temperatures