Corsa's new Diamond Black Exhaust tips for Corvette and BMW applications.

Corsa has built their name on crafting some of the highest quality exhaust systems on the market. At the 2011 SEMA show we talked with Corsa about a few cool new exhaust tips, and several new applications for their exhaust products.

First up, Corsa announced at SEMA that they would be offering slick new Diamond Black exhaust tips for Corvette and BMW applications. They are a great way for folks who aren’t into “bling” to give their cars a more subdued and modern look. Don’t get us wrong; we love shiny exhaust tips as much as anyone, but the Diamond Black Corsa tips are a nice way to give buyers more options.

Corsa's Mufflers use patented RSC sound cancelling technology. Look for our feature on this cool technology in the near future.

Next, Corsa has expanded their popular line of exhausts for the Cadillac CTS-V to include the CTS-V Wagon. The axle back system features 3.5 inch Pro-Series tips, and is made of top quality stainless steel. As you will remember we tested a Corsa exhaust system on our project CTS-V with some pretty good results on the dyno, and a lot better sound.

Corsa has also developed exhaust systems for the brand new Dodge SRT-8 Charger and Chrysler 300C. Both systems offer a 70% gain in exhaust flow, and drop a total of 9 pounds of dead weight from the car.

Corsa didn’t forget about the new Camaro convertibles, and developed a specific exhaust system for them since they cannot use the regular coupe system. Corsa’s Camaro convertible exhaust system flows 44% better than the restrictive stock system, and will give you 6 HP and 7 pound feet of torque at the wheels.