Wiring Made Simple

The MSD Atomic EFI is extremely easy to wire; a constant 12-volt hot source, a switch 12-volt, ground, fuel pump, and a simple ignition source. The rest of the sensors simply plug in. The Atomic module also has the capability to control two electronic fans!

Converting from a carburetor to fuel injection can be a scary and costly task to perform; changing intake manifolds, adding fuel injectors, changing the fuel system and more. Also, wiring is typically not many people’s strong suit and can lead to a never-ending list of gremlins. When it comes to tuning, it’s an easy aspect to screw up and not many people know how to do it right.

What if I told you that you could convert to fuel injection in a matter of hours, with a total of wiring connections, and never need to tune it? Well, that is exactly what you get with MSD’s new Atomic EFI fuel injection kit.

This made for the enthusiast in mind, utilizing all the stock-style 4150 linkage and kick down connections, which allows the Atomic EFI to bolt directly in place of a carburetor - even your air cleaner will fit like stock.

For fueling, there will be no worrying about plumbing for a return line as the throttle body only requires a feed line that uses its integrated fuel rail system to pump feed the four 80 pound injectors. MSD has an optional complete kit that includes fuel line, filter, and pump.

If you already have nice braided fuel lines with a carbureted pump inline, only a fuel pump change is necessary. MSD has fuel systems designed for vehicles creating 525 hp and 620 hp at the crank.

Don't get scared, this isn't some space age carburetor, it's MSD's new Atomic EFI

With the basic wiring completed, the Atomic EFI’s included handheld LCD asks a few simple questions, like the size of the motor, idle RPM, etc. After that, the car should immediately fire and continuously tune itself with the included wide band O2 sensor. The handheld still serves as a vital tool as it can display any of the sensor’s readings real time!

MSD Atomic EFI

• Integrated throttle body system houses all electronics and four injectors
• Returnless fuel system, though has the capability of supporting a return line
• Optional fuel systems can support up to 620 hp
• Easy setup and continuous self tuning with the included handheld display
• Can control two electric fans

Watch MSD’s install video to see exactly how easy it is!