We stopped by the incredibly busy Lincoln Electric display during the 2011 SEMA tradeshow. With sparks flying, we managed to get the attention of Greg Coleman, Sr. Marketing Specialist for Lincoln Electric.

Coleman was excited to tell us about the expanded line of Viking welding helmets. The 1840 series with 1.8″ view window and 2 sensors were still available for the hobbyists along with the 2450 series with 2.4″ viewing window and four sensors for the enthusiasts that desire a larger window. Coleman explained that welders were still asking for a larger viewing window, “we responded with the 3350 series helmet that offers a massive 3.5″ viewing window.”

the same machine can be used to weld at home, in the shop or out on the job site

In addition to the larger viewing window height, the new 3350 series expanded the shade control from the standard 9 to 13 range to a larger shade 6 to 13 range. Coleman also mentioned a couple of new graphic designs available in the Viking welding helmets. Chip Foose has authorized two styles along with the some new Marvel Comics licensed graphics. “We began a relationship with Marvel Comics when Lincoln Welders were represented in the Ironman I and Ironman II full feature films.

Coleman also showed us the latest in portable MIG welding machines from the company. Added to the already successful line that includes the 140 MIG and 180 MIG machines, which both run off 120 volt household current, Lincoln Electric unveiled the Power MIG 180 Dual MIG welder that can operate with 120 or 230 volt current.

“With single phase 60 Hz dual 120- and 208/230-volt input power capability, the same machine can be used to weld at home, in the shop or out on the job site,” said Coleman.

Handling both MIG and flux-cored gas-shielded or self-shielded processes, the Power MIG 180 Dual is designed for sheet metal welding, as well as light-frame autobody work, farm and small shop applications.

The 68 lb. machine features dual input power capability, allowing users to select 120-volt input power for home and generator-driven environments or 208/230-volt input power for shop applications on thicker materials.

“No tools are required to toggle between the two input power voltages. Users simply need to attach the correct power cord and twist the locking nut, providing a safe and easy transition from one input voltage to another,” explained Coleman.

According to Coleman, the Power MIG 180 Dual welder will add even more versatility to enthusiasts, and we would agree with that statement.