One of the biggest gripes for BOSS 302 owners is loosing their factory side pipes when they install an aftermarket performance exhaust.  Well, now Kooks Custom Headers makes a center section that keeps the factory side pipes in both long and short tube configurations, with or without catalytic converters as well.  While there, we had asked the question, “Why don’t you guys just make the side pipes and sell them to GT owners, and how about offering them flanged for electronic cut outs as well?”  It was like a light bulb went off in their minds and responded “That’s a good idea,” so to keep the idea on their minds, give Kooks a call and tell them you want a BOSS exhaust system for your 2011 GT/V6.

Also up for all you environmentally friendly people out there are Kooks Go Fast Go Green ultra low emissions catalytic converters.  Kooks says that these converters are guaranteed not to show any check engine lights while being able to endure temperatures up to 1,500 degrees.  They are EPA certified (excluding California) on OBD-II vehicles, boast a no loss of horsepower upgrade to existing Kooks exhaust systems.