Burst ContainmentWith a turbine wheel speed of 130,500 rpm creating 60,662 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, the burst strength of the internal components is equivalent to firing 10.8 Remington .350 Magnum at the housing at point blank range.

Along with the monstrous new large frame GTX5518R turbo for drag racers and a host of other new turbochargers on display in the Garrett Turbochargers booth here at SEMA is their new GTX2863R small frame unit, which is designed to offer a great all-around choice for high performance street or track-driven applications.

Response and horsepower are the name of the game here, with the potential to deliver some 450 horsepower to a four-banger or as much as 900 horses to smaller V8’s in a twin-turbo configuration.

Like the large frame turbo, the GTX2863R is outline interchangeable with other turbos from the Garrett lineup and offers 20 percent more flow than the similar GT2860RS. As well, the 2863R sports a fully machined billet wheel and a burst contained housing that will stand up the incredible forces experienced during an internal failure, should one occur. According to Garrett’s Justin Ocello, these forces are the equivalent of firing nearly eleven rounds of .350 Magnum bullets at the turbo housing at point blank range.

The GTX2863R measures 47mm on the inducer and 60mm on the exducer.