Need some serious fuel for your project vehicle? Yes, don’t get us wrong here, 400-500hp out of any street-mill is potent. However, with Fuelab their into fueling some serious engines with serious power. What we’re talking about here is 700-1,500hp with capabilities to fuel engines rated to 1,800hp!

Fuelab has a simple solution when it comes to using their Prodigy fuel pumps. Their pumps use a DC brush less motor system with electronics that control the pump’s operation. The pumps use an input signal to determine the desired operating speed. By having this feature, pump speed becomes controllable, allowing continuous duty applications for high flow pumps and avoiding a full speed high current draw condition that leads to heat buildup and the potential for vapor lock.

All Prodigy fuel pumps are Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, and Ethanol compatible. This allows the ability to support big power without a belt driven pump. Each pump is hand built and tested at the Fuelab facility in Litchfield, Illinois under strict quality and rigorous testing guidelines before shipping. Fuelab has eight innovative models available ranging in performance levels; with flow rates up to 200GPH and operating pressures up to 125PSI.

Fuelab’s electronic fuel pressure regulator takes all the guess work out of fuel delivery. Their line of electronic fuel pressure regulators work in concert with the Prodigy line of fuel pumps to reduce heat build up and vapor lock conditions related to street/strip operation. Simply, set the pressure mechanically like a traditional bypass regulator, then let the electronic fuel pressure regulator’s demand based speed control take care of the rest!

That’s not all either, Fuelab offers up a full line of mechanical fuel pressure regulators, too. Of course, you’ll have to visit the Fuelab website to get the rest of the details.

Fuelab's fuel pressure regulator offers on demand fuel delivery and even includes the fittings and wiring harness.

Fuelab Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulator Features:

  • Works with Fuelab’s Prodigy Fuel Pump
  • Patented method for demand based flow control, able to detect changes in demand before change in rail pressure is realized
  • Automatically reduces current draw at low flow demand
  • Monitoring capability to track actual fuel system capacity
  • Get the quick response of a mechanically regulated system, with the advantage of electronic flow control
  • Independent system, no other connections, control boxes or calibration required