There’s some jobs that we absolutely love to do on a car, but then there are some that aren’t necessarily fun, but have to be done. To some, plumbing a vehicle can be viewed as the most frustrating thing to do on a car. This is why it’s important to work with a company or shop who knows exactly how to make plumbing a vehicle as easy as possible. When we stopped by our friends at Fragola Performance Systems booth at SEMA 2011 they had a variety of new adapters and products that caught our attention and can reduce the hassle that is commonly associated with plumbing a vehicle.

The first of which was a fuel injection adapter (pictured above) for LS1 applications. The adapter comes with either a -6 or -8 outlet and either a 3/8 or 5/16ID. “Even though this is a LS1 adapter it will work for almost any EFI LS application,” Said Brint McLellan the sales and technical analyst for Fragola.

Brint then showed us their new nitrous adapter with mesh filer that allows for an easy check to see if any debris has made it’s way into the fitting. The fitting is available in -3, -4, and -6.

Fragola is known for its Aluminum A-N adapters and they recently just unveiled a new Aluminum A-N radius adapter fitting that is available for line sizes all the way from -4 to -20.

These were just a couple of the highlights from Fragola’s booth at SEMA 2011. Make sure you check out Fragola Performance Systems’ complete line of hoses, fittings, and adapters at their home on the web at where you can also download their complete catalog their as well.