The DiabloSport Trinity is a one part number fits all device. Basically what that means is that the Trinity contains a large variety of tune files inside the device, so it can program many different types of vehicles. This is good for enthusiasts since they don’t have to stock multiple Trinity parts for every make, model, and year of vehicle. Plus, the Trinity can store up to 5 custom tune files, so that means if you have some racing tunes as well as street tunes, you can store them all. This is an upgrade from the Predator’s capability to store 3 custom tunes.

The Trinity also carries many popular options like full gauge monitoring for all available sensors, diagnostic code reader, and even a virtual drag strip. Another big plus for you 2011+ Mustang owners that have factory wideband oxygen sensors, the Trinity has the ability to display the sensors as real time air/fuel ratio gauges, saving you from having to buy an expensive aftermarket counterpart!

Still due to replace the Predator is DiabloSport’s inTune. This next generation tuner features a full touch screen and easy to use menus to make tuning your vehicle easy. Best of all, this tuner will work with any DiabloSport supported vehicle, so no more throwing away your old tuner when you change cars. It is designed for both the first-time custom tune user as well as the seasoned tuner in mind. You also get data logging and the ability for custom tuning if you out-grow the supplied tunes.

• Powered by dual 32 bit CPUs and contains over 1GB of internal memory
• One part number for all applications
• OEM level scan tool
• Smaller than the average cell phone
• USB connectivity
• High resolution color touch screen
• Free online updates and tech support for the life of the product
• Two Analog inputs
• Supports custom tuning
• Datalogging