Bravado wheels are specifically made for your modern muscle car.

While cruising the Wheel and Tire Expo at SEMA 2011, we came across this new line of wheels specifically for the Big-Three’s modern muscle cars. Bravado Wheels is a new wheel line, and their first three aggressive wheel styles are designed just for the new Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers (that’s not to say that they wouldn’t fit a ton of other cars as well).

The Americana II is available in 18x9, 18x10, 20x9.5, 20x11, 22x9.5, and 22x11. Finish options are either matte graphite or matte black.

In keeping with a vintage/modern theme, all of Bravado’s inaugural wheel styles are 5 spoke designs. The Freedom is reminiscent of the classic S200 wheels that were so popular on the original muscle cars, only these modern interpretations are available in 18 and 20 inch diameters. The Americana II takes the popular five spoke and adds a few modern details like rivets, and matte finishes. Starting to stray away from the “vintage” theme is the Bravado Brute five spoke, looking way more like something from the future than the past with its sharp angles and a more boxy look.

The Freedom is available in 18x8.5, 18x9.5, 20x9.5 and 20x10 in the silver with ball milled accent finish you see here.

Bravado wheels are all one-piece cast, and as such they are very budget friendly. One of the best things about them is that since they are specifically designed for Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers, you don’t have to do any guess work to get a proper fit. Just figure out what diameter and width you want, and they can be ordered in the correct offset for your car.

Check out Bravado Wheels website to see more pictures of their wheel line on your favorite modern muscle car, and to locate a dealer.

The Brute is available in 20x9.5 and 20x11 in the gloss black and machined face you see here.