New/Upcoming Throttle Body Releases From BBK

V6: 73mm, 8-10 ft-lbs increase, flow increased 30%

V8: 90mm to compliment current 85mm offering

One would be hard pressed to have a conversation about aftermarket performance parts for the Ford Mustang, from the Fox body generation to the late model Coyote-powered Pony cars, without mention of the name BBK Performance. And speaking of performance - the V6 Mustang found it’s way into said category in 2011, with the release of the new 3.7L DOHC engine, producing 305 horsepower from the factory.

While the industry has shown the majority of its love to the big brother 5.0L GT, BBK is proudly showing off their new throttle body unit for the V6 here in Las Vegas, offering added bolt-on performance for owners of these economical, affordable, and now wicked quick cars.

BBK already boasts a 65mm throttle body unit for the 94-04 V6 Mustangs that creates an additional 7-10 horsepower, but this new piece represents their foray into the 3.7L DOHC market, with a completely brand new CNC casting and a new, OEM-type drive motor.

The 73mm size represents a 6mm increase over the 67mm units that comes factor on the V6 engine. These units, which became available in August, flow 30 percent more air over stock, creating 8-10 additional ft-lbs of torque. And to boot, these throttle bodies will work with the factory tune, making the swap easy and effective.

Pictured here is the new 90mm throttle body for the 5.0L Coyote engine, which is slated for availability in January.

BBK has also announced a new throttle body (pictured) for the 5.0L GT, which is a step up from their current 85mm offering for the awesome new Mustang GT.