The 5.0 Mustang is back, and though it’s barely hit the streets, people are already out there voiding their warranties with gleeful abandon. Let’s say, though, that you’d like 35-200 additional horsepower on your Coyote, but you would rather not have it be “on” all the time like a supercharger, turbo kit, or cams/head work/higher compression. Nitrous Express has just the thing for you with their brand new 5.0 plate system.

The solenoids are integrated into the billet plate, which bolts directly between the throttle body and the intake manifold, and NX’s Phase 3 spraybarless technology ensures ideal atomization and distribution while leaving the intake completely unobstructed during operation “on the motor.” A direct plug-in fuel line adapter eliminates the need to cut the factory plumbing, making the system simple and quick to install (and equally quick to uninstall, should you want to take your Mustang in for dealer service). The system includes a TPS autolearn switch as well, tapping in to the factory electronics to control activation.

NX also has a bunch of new fuel system stuff in the pipeline, but one of the most interesting things we came across at SEMA has actually been in the catalog for a year or so. Their Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment System combines a one-gallon composite fuel cell that mounts in most battery trays without modification with an internally mounted self-regulating fuel pump to support up to 300 additional horsepower on the bottle.