Line-x is a large company, but what most automotive enthusiasts know them for is their spray on bed liners. Driven by customer demand, Line-x has recently released their ASPART-X Coatings that offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance for residential decks, patios, garage floors, and industrial commercial flooring…namely in our application resides the garage floors. It also provides ultraviolet protection that does not yellow or fade, will cure in all weather and temperature applications, and has an overnight cure speed. The result is a very durable composite coating, available in a variety of stock and custom colors.

The coating is not for consumer-based application and is available throughout the company’s network of over 400 franchised centers in the United States. Also the coating is 100% green and will not harm the environment.

ASPART-X topcoat provides a durable, easy-to-clean finish that can be configured in a variety of non-skid finishes for most flooring and decking applications. Several stock- colors, including solid tan, gray, white, black and clear are available, as well as custom color options. ASPART-X accent colors are used to create a granite-like floor finish. Accent colors are used as an alternative to color chips for a more durable and less textured finish. Custom colors and blends can be special ordered to customer specifications.

ASPART-X U/V Coatings features include:

• Pure Polyurea formulation
• Solvent Free – Zero VOCs, 100% solid with minimal environment impact
• Aliphatic – Excellent color and gloss retention
• Fast Cure – High productivity
• Waterproof – Excellent longevity in outdoor exposure
• Food Safe – CFIA approved for floors/walls/ceilings in food processing facilities
• Exceptional flame retardant properties