Loud is cool, but not for the sake of being obnoxious. Flowmaster’s new line of Hushpower mufflers meet the strictest dB sound limits without affecting performance, ensuring that while yes, you’re machine will be making plenty of power and grumble, it won’t be for the sake of sounding like a straight-pipe or a knucklehead running open headers on the street.

Hushpower’s ability to keep a cool outer case, allows for tighter fitments too, which has allowed the dBX Hushpower mufflers to be great options for Japanese, European and domestic Sport Compacts featuring rear-mounted mufflers. Now, as the dBX line expands to include all V6 and V8 applications of today’s late model muscle cars, the benefits of the Hushpower system can be applied across the board.

Hushpower mufflers feature a 409S stainless steel core and a semi-polished 304S stainless outer shell. And of course, each muffler is welded together by hand to ensure the best in quality and durability. I know, I know, a bunch of you guys are scared seeing that the dBX is great for Japanese cars. The dBX was designed specifically to eliminate that tinny whine. If you’re a street driving, muscle car or sport compact enthusiast looking to ditch that lame “Fast and Furious” sound and gain horsepower, the Hushpower dBX is the right choice.

  • All dBX mufflers come with a 6-inch diameter profile
  • Available in 2.00″, 2.25″, 2.50″ and 3.00″ inlet sizes
  • No tinny, whiny sound