Looking to hold a lot of torque through your late-model muscle car?  Exedy might have what you need with their new twin disc clutch that is designed to hold 850 lb/ft of torque. These are designed for hot street action as well as drag, road, and rally racing. This kit comes with twin, sprung six-puck clutch discs that reduce chatter on engagement – though solid discs are available.  All of the multi plate clutches come with a lightweight chromoly steel flywheel, and the famous purple anodized forged aluminum clutch cover. The clutch actuation on this model is strap drive, though some lug drive models are available. All have T5001 cerametallic friction materials for extreme heat resistance.

The twin six-puck clutch is currently offered in GM LS applications with 2011 Mustang coming in January 2011.

• Number of Discs – Twin
• Spring Damper Discs – Sprung Center Disc
• Push / Pull – Push Type
• Disc Outer Diameter – 225mm
• Spline Teeth / Major Diameter – 26T / 29 mm